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Furniture Removals Across Adelaide

Swift Delivery & Removals – Keeping Your Possessions Safe.

Swift Delivery & Removals are a professional furniture removal company which transport all household and most commercial goods. We have many years’ experience in removals across the Adelaide metropolitan area, during which time we have been the removalists for many homes and commercial premises of all shapes and sizes.

Can Moving Be Fun?

Well – it isn’t usually and most of us dread moving. There’s so much to organize and think about and it’s really hard work. So how about we do the whole pack and removals service? This will save you a huge amount of time and effort and mean there is far less for you to worry about. If you don’t have to do all that time consuming wrapping and packing, you can concentrate on where you want things positioned, making entry into your new home seamless. You won’t be spending days on end wrapping every item and putting them into boxes and labelling everything – we will do it all for you.

That side-board won’t fit through that door

What often fascinates people is watching professional furniture removal companies fitting large objects through openings that seem way too small…. We sometimes get into a discussion on the best way to move a particularly awkward piece of furniture. But, if it got into the room it can get out. So if you are struggling with removing any large item and can’t work out how to shift it – give us a call.

Professional Packing Service

Our removals staff are experts at wrapping and packing every item that’s going to be moved. We label all of the boxes so that it’s easy to unload at your new home or office and work out where everything needs to go.

Furniture is fully protected and wrapped, so that it doesn’t get damaged and this means you’re not constantly fretting about what is happening to your precious cargo.

Large, difficult to move Items

Swift Delivery & Removals also specialize in moving pianos, pool tables and big fridges and any unusually large household, or office items.

Got something that’s difficult to move? Get the team from Swift Removals on the job.

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The first choice for relocation services in Adelaide Swift Delivery & Removals is proud to serve the South Australian community. Our delivery and removals services cater for clients in Adelaide and Regional South Australia. In light of an increasing demand for expert Delivery & Removal services in the Melbourne region, Swift Delivery & Removals has extended this courtesy to clients seeking our services from South Australia to Melbourne, and back. Swift Delivery & Removals aims to ease any of the hassles usually associated with interstate transit.

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Great service!! I really appreciate that you guys do small jobs, I wasted a lot of time trying to find a company that would help me move

- John Aquilina

I really like the values of this company. I really appreciate the service. The guys who moved us were very friendly and helpful. I am very happy. Thank you.

- Danny Liu

Thank you so much guys. I really appreciate your help. The guys were very professional and friendly. They worked hard but were very happy while working. It’s really good to see guys who enjoy their work. This really kept us relaxed and were very happy with them. I would definitely recommend you guys. Thank you so much.

- Sarah Jones